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The development of the pencil.

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  The first stage

  The birth of graphite: at this time, the "graphite pencil rod" is still in the original stage that can only be written;

  In 1564, a black mineral called graphite was found in a place called barrodale in England. Soon, some of the local shepherds found that they could mark the sheep with graphite. Inspired by this, people cut the graphite into small strips for writing and painting. But graphite strips are easy to get dirty and snap. In 1761, the German chemist farber solved the problem by grinding the graphite ore into powder, rinsing off the impurities with water and obtaining pure graphite powder. Then he added sulfur, antimony and rosin to the graphite powder. The mixture is then heated and solidified and pressed into the shape of a pen, which is the prototype of a pencil.

  The second stage

  The birth of wooden pencil: after one hundred years of development, now the "pencil" has entered the early stages of its evolution and the emergence of wooden pencil rod, become the "pencil" semi-finished products, mainly on the market for this kind of pencil rod, users need to again after cutting system to use;

In today's light, the pencil is actually a pencil lead. The task of putting a wooden pole on a pencil core was completed in 1812 by a carpenter named William Monroe. Munro's machine can cut a standardized fine wood length of 5 to 18 centimeters and create a groove in the middle that fits the pencil lead. Put the pencil core into the slot and then tighten and glue the two pieces of wood, which makes the first modern pencil pole. Until now, this was the standard process for making ordinary strokes.

  The third stage

  Born with caps pencil: along with the use of pencil, traditional pencil rod also exposed a series of problem, has brought people a lot of trouble, for example: don't use health, pen is easy to break, it is not easy to carry, etc., give the pencil to the development of industry has brought new challenges, but with the emergence of cap pencil has solve encountered on the product innovation of the modern pencil industry development bottleneck.

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