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Color pencil classification

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  Colored pencils are divided into two types: water-soluble colored pencils (soluble in water) and insoluble colored pencils (insoluble in water). Insoluble colored pencils can be classified as dry and oily, and most of the ones we buy on the market are insoluble colored pencils. Cheap, is a good choice. Introduction to painting painted effect is light, simple and clear, the most usable eraser. Has a translucent characteristics, through the color overlay, present a different picture. It is a kind of more expressive painting tools.
  Water-soluble color pencil, color pencil and water it lead can dissolve in water, after meeting with water, the color shading, transparent effect can achieve watercolour. Water-soluble color pencil has two functions: before without dipped in water and insoluble color pencil effect is the same. But after dipping the water, it will become like watercolor, the color is very bright and bright, very beautiful, and the color is very soft.

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