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The history of pencils

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  1662 in Nuremberg, Germany built the first pencil factory - Strickland Pencil Factory.

  Later, German F · Custer created Fidel Castel graphite pencil factory in Nuremberg city, using sulfur, antimony as a binder and graphite heating mixed manufacturing lead, the graphite pencil rod manufacturing technology advanced a largeFrench N · J · Kant wash water with graphite approach to improve the purity of graphite, and graphite bonded with clay into a refill, this method is called Kant method.

  Later, the French chemist Comte after repeated tests, the use of clay as a solidifying agent, made of the core than the original solid wear-resistant, and this method is  suitable for any graphite mine, until now still in use.In the United States, there is a carpenter named William Monroe, who inserts a black lead in a grooved batten, and then joins the two sticks together to form the first pencil rod.

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