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What is the difference between water-soluble colored pencils and oily colored pencils?

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  Water-soluble colored pencils:

  Belongs to one of the color pencil, painting tools, which are frequently used in painting with the water-soluble color pencil painting, the use of "water and brush" after the color can produce abound change colour effect, can use mixed color, like a watercolor effect, the advantage is more difficult than in the painting painting "watercolor" much easier to master.

  The rough surface of the paper is a good choice for colored pencil drawing. The color of water soluble colour pencil is very clear, the adhesion force is stronger, deep and shallow as long as use the strength is very good control, can draw very deep also can be very weak, with the brush dip water can dizzy open. The effect is similar to a watercolor painting. But honestly, it's not as effective as watercolor.

Soluble lead close to chalk, colourful, easy colored, transparency is low, because can dissolve in water, so I can touch water after coloring, make the color layer thicker, also have a kind of method is after coloring with brush or brush coat touch water, can achieve the result of watercolor, but the beginner is not recommended. As long as you don't use these two techniques, there's nothing to control, just like a regular pencil. After all, the central idea of color lead is to fold color!

  Oily colored pencils:

  Oily color lead, the core is close to crayon, greasy, crisp. So general color, light, high transparency, however, on the handling of some special colors is also doing well, and easy to fold, and cheap, suitable for beginners to practice fold color techniques, and the rubber is better to clean up. Oily painting, glossy, not too attached to the paper, easy to fall, more and more shallow, but it is very shiny, but not as deep as water soluble color.

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