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  Graphite and clay are used in raw materials and auxiliary materials. Graphite is a colorant, which is used for its slightness and plasticity. The lead core can be made into black marks, firmly adhered to the paper surface, and can be erased with erasers. Graphite with high carbon content and fine grain should be selected. Clay is a binder, which USES its plasticity and cohesiveness to bond the graphite particles. It requires good plasticity, low iron content and wide sintered clay. Auxiliary materials include molding materials and changing lead core performance materials. The molding material is used to improve the plasticity and adhesion, and improve the molding performance. Commonly used caramel, astragalus gum and so on. It is used to improve the physical properties of lead core (such as abrasion, concentration, core force, slippage, hardness, etc.). Commonly used in paraffin, oxen oil, petroleum jelly, usually two or more than two. Color lead core raw materials, physical materials, adhesives, grease and wax. Color material (including pigments and dyes) can be used for coloring, which requires good dyeing force, high hiding power, soft quality, high fineness, good heat resistance, non-toxic and so on. It is commonly used in titanium dioxide, carbon black, phthalein blue and so on. The constitution of raw materials starts to bond, skeleton and adjust the hardness.

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