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Company profile

  Bengbu First Pencil Co., Ltd. (formerly China's first pencil Bengbu Co., Ltd.) is the former Ministry of Light Industry in Anhui designated sentinel wooden pencils manufacturers; key enterprises in Anhui Province, the state two enterprises. Company employees 407 people, covers an area of 23,671.06 square meters, the plant area of 27,685 square meters, all kinds of general-purpose pencil equipment more than 300 sets, with total assets of 535,883,900 yuan, with an annual output of various types of pencil 360 million. Major producers of high, medium and popular products of all types of more than 40 varieties of pencils. The main products are: China licensing 101-2B college entrance examination special pencils, the Great Wall brand pencils, Fifi licensing 2B college entrance-examination special pencil, hit the first pencil, drawing series of pencils, stained head drawing, hot roller printing and six colors, twelve colors, Twenty-four color pencils. Complete product range, quality and stability. Among them, both Guoyou products and Buyou superior products, some of the products won the Beijing International Exposition Gold, Silver and so on. From 90 years ago, the test by the National Quality Testing Center, my company, senior pencil was rated as "A" grade products.

  Its brands: Fifi licensing pencil to create local coverage, intellectual development of three regions more than 100 municipal agents, more than 10,000 agents employees, covering 30 provincial-level administrative regions around the 360 municipal-level area, committed to Service 90 million primary school students, 28 million high-level talent and the hotel schools and other enterprises and institutions.

  The company's products from 1971 into the national market, exported to the United States, North Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia, Hong Kong and Macao and other countries and regions.

  In recent years, the company's economic efficiency hit a record high for 10 consecutive years. In 2012, the company created a production value of 72.8805 million yuan, achieved sales income of 73.3742 million yuan and realized a profit of 19.29303 million yuan, making the company the first economic profit in the industry.

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